TH-10 Simple Leather Strap Handles

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Our handle style TH-10 is die cut from a single layer of 6 oz harness leather, medium brown, dark brown, or black in color.
TH-10 is 1.25″ wide thru the middle part of the handle (the strappy ends are only 11/16″ wide) and it’s about 9.5″ long overall.
You can purchase just the plain strip of pre-cut leather, or, for a little more, we’ll attach 1″ brass plated steel d-rings to the handle for you using our steel (brass plated) rivets.
If you plan to buy just the leather strip, be sure the d-rings or loops on your case are no further than 7″ apart.
TH-10 handle – plain strips of cut leather for $10 each, or with hardware attached for $12.00 each, in black only; this item is being discontinued.