Our Guarantee

Everything we sell is covered by our unconditional guarantee (unless otherwise stated on the site – like our reproduction keys or some of the clearance items that are beat near to death):

If you’re not happy with something you received from us just return it within 30 days of your original order date for refund or exchange. No need to contact us first – just ship it back. Include a note, please, to let us know how you’d like us to handle the return, and that’ll do it.

The catch? We charge a 15% restocking fee (it’s not restocking, it’s actually intended to cover the shipping cost for the original shipment to you), and we don’t reimburse you for return shipping (unless we really blew it).

Also, we’d prefer we received it back in the same condition it was in when we shipped it to you. If you cut it or nail it or sand it down or abuse it, you own it, in other words.

Our leather hides are covered by our guarantee up until the moment you alter them – our responsibility ceases when the leather is cut, stamped, burnished, or re-worked in any way. You know, standard art material stuff.

Need to contact us?

E-mail: info@brettunsvillage.com
Fax: (207)782-7448

Phone: (207)782-7863
Toll-Free: 1-844-492-4930 – this line is for ORDERS ONLY, please.

Shipping Information

First things first:  All items listed on our web sites are priced with 48-state USA shipping included – there’s nothing else to add at the end of the transaction.  We DO have a minimum order requirement to receive our ‘shipping included’ pricing, and that minimum order amount is $5.00.

If your total purchase amount is equal to or less than $5, we’ll send you a PayPal Money request to cover shipping and handling of your small order, and we’ll ship it out after you pay that request.  For those customers served by the US Postal Service who need their orders shipped to locations outside of the 48 contiguous United States, (AK, HI, or the Territories), you may need to pay a little extra to get your items shipped to you, but we do our best to take advantage of USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes so that you don’t feel left out.

Also, we do not charge for handling, processing, or looking at your order.  The prices you see on our web site are all you pay.

APO/FPO/Military Addresses

We do our best to include you in our pricing structure – if at all possible we will not charge extra postage costs to get your items to you. If you purchase a large item, such as one of our refinished antique trunks, the added shipping expense will be incredibly high, so perhaps it’d be better for us to store it for you at no charge until you return safely home.

Express Shipping

Need it quick? After you’ve placed your order just send us an e-mail to let us know which day of the week you want to receive your package. We’ll figure out options/prices for UPS, USPS, or Fedex, and will let you know. Make your choice, and we’ll send you an e-mailed invoice (thru PayPal) for the additional shipping cost. We cannot ship your order until that extra cost is paid, so please check your e-mail regularly.

International Orders

Shipping to locations outside of those serviced by the U.S. Postal Service will be incredibly expensive!

There will be additional costs for shipping your order. We ship almost all of our international orders via the US Postal Service.  Please note that in recent months international postage rates charged by postal services around the globe have increased dramatically, so brace yourself for the added cost.

For example, shipping a pair of trunk handles or a bag of rivets across the border into Canada now requires about US$18.00 in postage, and you may be charged customs duties, taxes, or fees as well. Orders that need to be shipped out of the USA must follow these steps:

  1. Please place your order on our web site, using our shopping cart system.
  2. We’ll pack your order and weigh it, then calculate the additional postage required.
  3. We’ll send you an e-mail invoice, through PayPal, to cover the additional postage and our mandatory US$5.00 International Order fee. This covers the time we spend filling out customs forms and standing in line at the post office.
  4. You pay the invoice, and we ship your order right out.
  5. For this system to work properly you MUST supply us with a valid e-mail address that you check regularly, otherwise, your order will sit here in our outgoing basket for the rest of all time, or at least until you pay the additional shipping cost.
  6. Very important: You’re paying us for shipping ONLY. Once the package arrives in your country you may be required to pay customs duties, fees, taxes, charges, surcharges, and/or penalties. We are NOT able to determine whether you will be charged any of these, so you may want to check with your postal service first. We do our best to ensure that the package reaches you, but if it’s lost once it has reached your country we will not be able to refund the cost of shipping to you.
  7. Also very important: Brettuns Village fills out customs declarations for every shipment that leaves the USA, and we fill out the paperwork accurately. The value of each item you purchase will be declared at full price. Please don’t ask us to risk our livelihood by falsifying customs paperwork – we simply won’t do it.
  8. And this one is important too: When you receive our Money Request and you change your mind (international postage is VERY expensive), we will send you a refund LESS the cost of packing materials that are no longer useable. A padded, sealed envelope, for example, that we have to tear open to put your items back into our barn – YOU get to pay for that if you cancel. Sound fair?

***Note: If you have your own Fedex or UPS account we can ship outside of the USA using your account – all charges and fees and bribes and dashes and surcharges and other charges will accrue to your account – just include your account number when ordering, please.

BV 2023 Vacation/Shipping Schedule

At this point we’re aware of the following ‘2023 Store is Closed and No Shipping’ days here at BV:

  • JUNE 25: closed because it’s the VP’s birthday
  • JUNE 19:  Closed to celebrate Juneteenth
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday After
  • Christmas Day December 25

Plus the usual annual holidays – the ones where UPS and USPS get the day off – we usually take those days off too.