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leather hides clearance store based in Maine; we ship worldwide

Parts asnd supplies for fixing up steamer trunks, suitcases, and boxes


Lewiston, Maine

Antique trunk parts for sale with free shipping

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Brettuns Village Leather Craft Supplies

Brettuns Village Leather Craft Supplies Home Page

Discount leather hides

Brettuns Village Leather's Consignment Program
(If you have leather hides, scrap or craft supplies to sell to us)

Leather Hides and Sides for all Types of Leather Crafts - For Sale

Full Upholstery or Garment Hides
Sides of Leather (A side is just half of a full hide)
Cowhide Double Shoulder Leathers
Cowhide Leather - Quarter Hides
Leather Craft Panels
Smaller Leather Hides:  Sheep, Goat, Calf, Deer
Exotic Leathers: Snakeskin, Lizard, Ostrich, Caiman/Gator/Croc
Suede Hides, Suede Sides, Small Suede Panels for Dance Shoes
Sole Bends, for Shoe Soles or Floor Tiles or Desk Tops
Vegetable Tanned Leathers for Tooling, Wet-Forming
Hair-On Hides and Furs, Fur Tails, Fur Faces
Scrap Leathers and Smaller Panels for Crafts

The Premier Line - when you need expensive leather!

The "I Only Need One Piece of Leather" Page - Just fill in the form and it gives you a price.

Leather Craft Hardware, Accessories and Parts 

Belt Buckles and Keepers
Tubular rivets, post rivets, rapid rivets, leather craft rivets
Snap Hooks and Lanyard Hooks
Leather and Fabric Trim for crafts
Beads for All Types of Crafts
Welded Rings
Eyelets and Grommets
Metal Spots and Decorations 
Fabric Flowers and Bows to use as Decorations
Jingle Bells, Tiny Bells, We're sick of Bells
Woven and Plain Leather Panels
Shoe and Boot Soles - Rubber soles, Crepe soles
Leather Craft Tools
Round Hole Punches
Leather Arch Punches
Strap End Cutters and Belt End Punches
Leather Hole Punches
Leather Burning Kits
Leather Awls
Rawhide and Synthetic Mallets
Eyelet setters
Rivet Setters
Grommet Setters
Leather Sewing Needles and The Speedy Stitcher
Cutting Boards and Pounding Boards
Leather Sanding Sponges
Prying Tool for Tacks, Nails, etc
Leather Craft Thread
Spools of Thread
Handsewing Threads, waxed
Large Spools of Leather Sewing Thread
Spools of Round Leather Lace
The Speedy Stitcher w/ Thread and Needles
Leather Laces and Leather on Spools
Leather Laces - lengths from 16 to 72 inches
Spools of Leather Lacing
Spools of Leather Trim
Scrap Leather Pieces
Regular Cowhide Scrap Leather
Harness Scrap
Upholstery Leather Scrap
Veg-Tan Scrap
Boot Maker's Leather Scraps
Suede Pieces for Your Dancing Shoes
Clicker Scrap

STOCKLOTS OF LEATHER - Larger Lots for those that need more Leathah

Leather hides clearance outlet
Odd Lots, Hides and Sides, Various Close-Out Leathers and Hardware

Books on Leather Crafts

Leather Weight Conversion Chart (ounces to inches, millimeters, etc)

Leather Terminology

Leather Craft LINKS

Customers' Projects

Shipping Information - Domestic, International, APOs

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Brettuns Village Antique Trunk Shop

Brettuns Village Antique Trunk Shop Home Page

Antique Trunks For Sale

Antique Trunks Sold As-Is

Vintage Suitcases For Sale

Replacement Leather Suitcase Handles

Parts for Antique and Vintage Suitcases, Valises, Instrument Cases, etc.

Antique Trunk Hardware, Parts, and Repair Supplies For Sale

Replacement Leather Trunk Handles and Chest Handles
Trunk Handle End Caps and Brackets
Trunk Lid Lifters
Trunk Lid Stays or Keepers
Trunk Locks
List of Replacement Trunk Keys Available
Old Stock, Original Trunk Locks/Keys and Old Parts For Sale
Trunk Straps
Trunk Strap Keepers
Replacement Hardwood Slats
Slat Clamps and Brackets
Trunk Lid Edge Banding
Trunk Hasps and drawbolts
Trunk Hinges
Trunk Feet
Trunk Bottom Rollers
Trunk Corners and Bumpers
Trunk Nails - Many Types
Decorative Trunk Tacks
Decorative Trunk Rosettes
Replacement Brass Button Tacks for Jenny Linds
Trunk Lithographs (the pictures under the lid)
Brass Tags for the Lid of Your Trunk
Trays to fit Your Trunk
Aromatic Cedar Panels for the Inside of Your Trunk
How About a Rolling Base for Your Trunk?
Sheet Brass and Black Sheet Metal for the corners/edges of your trunk
Canvas or Duck Cloth: Fabric to Cover the Inside and Outside of Your Trunk
Embossed Leather Hides, Alligator or Crocodile Pattern for Trunks
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Tools for Working on Antique Trunks

Books About Antique Trunks

Vintage Trunk Magazine Ads - Just fun to look at

Trunk Makers' History
      Special page on Belber Trunks

List of Trunk Makers from the 1800s and early 1900s

Trunk Makers, A thru G
Trunk Makers, H thru O
Trunk Makers P thru Z
How to Refinish Your Own Vintage or Antique Trunk
Removing Canvas
Dealing with Rust
Getting Rid of Odors
Removing Old Parts
Attaching New Parts
Fixing Up the Inside of a Trunk
Finishing The Outside
Are You Sure You Want to Paint it?
How to Replace Handles and other parts
How to Attach Lid Stays

Before and After Pictures of Antique Trunks We've Fixed Up

Brettuns Village Antique Trunk Refinishing Services

How Much are Antique Trunks Worth?

Send e-mail to Brettuns Village Trunk Shop - Contact Us

Antique Trunk Links

Customers' Trunk Projects

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Skeleton keys to fit old locks


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Print out our Order Form (pdf file for Adobe Acrobat)

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Leather and c raft supplies from Maine
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