Split-Head Rawhide Mallets


Original split-head rawhide mallets Made in Maine by Garland Manufacturing Co., known around the world for their high-quality tools. This is their split-head design, which allows you to swap out worn rawhide striking faces when you feel like it. Just loosen the nut under the hammer head, swap out the faces, and get back to work.  Here at BV we clamp the big nut in our bench vise and then turn the entire mallet head.  Hickory handle will take a lot of whacking, but can be replaced if you overdo it there, Hercules.  Some of these mallets and faces are curently out of stock; the drop-down will show you what’s available.  Global Mallet-Demic or something like that.
The smallest is Garland’s #1 size mallet (31001), with striking face diameter of 1.25″ and an overall weight of 1 lb 8 oz.

Next is Garland’s #3 split head mallet (31003), face dia = 1.75″ and weight = 2 lbs 12 oz

Garland’s #4 split head mallet (31004), face dia. = 2″, weight = 3 lbs 14 oz.

Garland’s #5 split head mallet (31005), face dia. = 2.75″, weight = 6 lbs 8 oz .

Good for use with leather tools. Each split head mallet comes with one pair of rawhide faces installed. Prices include shipping to any USA location.

Spare faces for these split head mallets
Sold in pairs.  Prices listed in the pull-down menu include USA shipping.


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