Black Steel Tubular or Hollow Post Rivets


These are old stock steel tubular rivets with a tube diameter of 1/8″ and head diameter = 3/8″.
Available in 9/16″ or 5/8″ lengths only.  These work best when the tube is about 1/8″ longer than the entire thickness you’re going through. Here’s an example:  You have a layer of leather and two layers of steel that you want to join together.  The three layers measure 7/16″ in total, Add 1/8″, which is 2/16″, and that tells you that you need a 9/16″ rivet.  Got it?  Are you with me here?  It’s just math.  Slightly rounded heads.  We sell these in bags of 100 for $15, delivered to any USA location.
Backing washers (burrs) included so you can use them if you feel like it. Set them in a hand press, machine press, or with a splash tool.


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