RVT107 Brass Large Size Rapid Rivets


Bright brass rapid rivets 7/16″ diameter, sold in sets of 50 or 100.  RVT107 has a cap diameter (at both ends of the rivet, this is a double cap style rivet) of 7/16″ and a post length of 3/8″.  Set of 50 for $8, or 100 for $12, and both prices include USA shipping.  Haven’t worked with these before?  It’s pretty simple:  punch holes in your leather, push the rivet post through, set the cap on the post, tap with your mallet.  Done.  We sell a tool for setting these – Click Here – it’s concave so that rivet head doesn’t get flattened when you set it.  You’ll be riveting like a boss in no time.

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