Old Stock Suitcase or Trunk Round Feet in Brass Nickel or Black


Round feet lift your case or trunk off the floor by about 1/2″ and are available in three finishes: nickel, brass, or black.
The nickel feet are largest, measuring 1-inch in diameter by 9/16″ tall. The split rivet post is 5/32″ in diameter and extends beyond the base of the foot by 5/16″. The brass feet are in the middle, at 7/8″ dia. and 7/16″ tall. The rivet post is 5/32″ in dia. and extends 5/16″ beyond the base of the foot. The black steel feet are smallest, at 1/2″ diameter by 5/16″ tall. The split rivet is 5/32″ dia and extends beyond the base of the foot by 5/8″. All of these can be mounted by hammering them into place through wood, but they work best when installed by sticking the rivet through a hole in metal, then splitting open the rivet inside the case or trunk to hold it in place. We sell these in sets of 4 for $10 per set, and this includes postage to any USA location.  Need more?  100 (25 sets) for $150, USA shipping included.
Made in the 1920s, original old stock that have never been used. Old Stock Round Feet TFT-03
$10 per set of 4 for any of the three colors, or 25 sets for $150, and USA addresses ship free.


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