Very Small Hasps


Very Small Hasps for Jewelry Boxes, Humidors, Wine Boxes, and Very Small Trunks.  Made for use on small suitcases and shoe boxes that went inside wardrobe trunks, these are old stock drawbolts that we believe were made in the 1920s or 30s. Quarter shown in the photo gives you an idea of the size. When closed, top and bottom together have overall dimensions of 1-1/4″ tall by 7/8″ wide (at the top – the widest spot). The nail holes on these aren’t very big – looks like you’ll need something just slightly bigger than a straight pin to attach these to your project. These are old stock, original parts and have some dust, grime, and surface corrosion on them. They clean up pretty easily. This is HASP8, and we sell packs of two of these (two tops, two bottoms) for $5 each, USA shipping included.


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