The Thrifty Steamer Trunk Lock and key


Let’s face it, not every trunk that you run across is a priceless antiquity. Only so many of them were actually used by Broadway stars as they journeyed throughout this great land. A hand full of trunks at best was used by past Presidents, visiting royalty, famous writers, and the like. Odds are much better that the old trunk you found out by the street on trash day was there for a reason. It’s trash, Jack. Why spend a bunch of money to put a new lock on the darned thing? Put one of these discount locks on there, complete with a plastic locking mechanism. Dimensions are the same as our Large locks, same hasp on the front for a padlock, and each lock comes with a working key. Shiny brass finish (this is the only finish available in these). Save that extra dough for a pizza on Friday night.
Discount Trunk Locks $12 each, USA shipping included Part Number Lock-4

We also sell these discount locks in cases of 20 for $200, USA shipping included


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