T1966 Very Sturdy 1880s Trunk Made by Drucker


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T1966 Very Sturdy 1880s trunk made by Drucker.  This is a heavy trunk, 47 pounds when empty.  It’s 33 inches long and 21 inches front-to-back, and the top of the lid is 23-1/2 inches above the floor.  Drucker was known for making sturdy trunks and that’s why they’re still being used to move or store stuff across this great land.  This trunk has a nice lock but we have been unable to find a key that works it.  There’s a tiny little “2” stamped into the lock’s face, but no indication of which company may have made the lock.  T-1966 is a nice find in today’s marketplace, so we have it priced at $700 flat, and this price includes shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States (no PO boxes, please, unless you paid extra to get the box that’s big enough to hold this trunk).  This trunk has been protected with our tung oil mixture, like the stuff the old trunk makers used.



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