T1970 Jenny Lind or Loaf of Bread Style Trunk with Brass Bands but no lock


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Jenny Lind or Loaf of Bread Style Trunk with Brass Bands, which we think was probably made right before or just after the Civil War (1860-1864).  This is important:  This trunk has no lock.  No lock, no lock, no lock.  Got it?  Sure, we covered the hole where the lock used to be with a piece of leather, stained to blend in.  Looks ok and dig this, Jack:  You’ll never have to worry about where in the blue blazes did you leave that trunk key?  That’s a positive thing, isn’t it?

This trunk measures 30 inches long, 19 inches from front to back, and 118 inches high.  The metal bands have been encased in very thin brass which we polished the living daylights out of to get a nice contrast between 160 year old leather and shiny brass.  No lock.

In conclusion we’d like to point out that we finished this little gem with our own tung oil concoction that mimics what the old trunk makers liked to use back in the 1800s.  One more thing:  This trunk does not have a lock and we mean it.  Thank you for your attention.  Oh, oops – one more thing:  $400 will do it for this trunk, 48-state USA shipping included.  If you drive here to our shop and pick it up the price drops to $350.  It’s like a sliding scale of cash expenditure.  OK, last thing:  There’s ain’t no lock in this here trunk.