Mendel Wardrobe Trunk Smaller Size for Shorter Vacations


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Not every journey back around 1920 required that you bring every single one of your life’s possessions aboard ship. Sometimes you’d travel light, right?
Mendel was right there to support your travel needs, with big trunks and little trunks – this is one of the smaller ones. A classic ‘folds open’ design, with
hangers that slid around on brackets that extend so your britches could breathe whilst in your stateroom. This one has original hangers, a new leather handle,
an original maker’s brass tag on top, a place or your shoes, ribbons to tie things down, and a working lock and key for security or whatever.
Measures 35 inches long, 20 inches wide, and it’s 9 inches tall when laid flat.  Comes with a working key, and the initials of the owner on top. Cool.  T-476  $300
(includes ground shipping to any location in the 48 contiguous United States – nothing else to pay)

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