T1963 Small Travel Trunk


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T1963 Small Travel Trunk from Right Around 1880 with Nice Patterns on it; probably hand drawn.  This one won’t eat up your bedroom as it’s only 33 inches long by 17 inches front to back, and the top is 18 inches above the floor.  Plain inside, ready to be put to use holding your sweaters, board games, or board games that are about old sweaters.  We’ve added new handles made using dark blue USA cattlehide leather with a nubuck texture.  This is a nice little trunk.  The outside, you should know, is a heavy fiber paperboard that’s glued to pine boards.  The lock works fine and comes with one key.  We have no idea which company made this little gem; no labels.  On the back there’s old handwriting that looks like it’ll be fun to figure out.  Probably the owner’s name.  T1963 is $350, and this price includes 48-state USA shipping.



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