T1964 Very Dark Green Smaller Trunk


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T1964 Very Dark Green Canvas Covered Smaller Trunk made by PF Devine in Lowell MA and, just in case you weren’t aware, MA is Taxachusetts, not Maine.  Upcountry here in Maine we use ME as our state designation.  So, naturally, every advertising agency in our beautiful state comes up with what they think is brilliantly innovative, like Photograph ME or Paint ME.  You get the idea.  Anyway, this trunk is T1964 and it measures 31 inches left to right, 18 inches front to back, and it’s 20 inches high.  The top is not perfectly flat, so if you want to put a sheet of coffee table glass on it just let us know and we’ll include some leather spacers for you to use to keep things nice and level.  We believe this trunk was made right around 1890, and we know where  it was made, and we can surmise that the folks who built it and the person who purchased it there in Lowell were Red Sox fans, and that makes them A-OK as far as we’re concerned.  This small trunk has been treated on the outside and the inside with our tung oil finish, so it’s essentially stain resistant just in case you knock over your beer when some future Red Sox player launches one way over the Green Monster.  T1964 is $400 flat, and 48-state USA shipping is included in the price, nothing else to add.




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