Replacement Parts for Antique and Vintage Trunks, Toolboxes, and Suitcases

Trunk Feet

Metal feet for the bottom of an old trunk
Black Enameled or Brass or Nickel plated steel feet are rounded and lift your trunk up off the floor by about 3/8 of an inch.
The distance between the two nail holes is about 1.75"
TFT-01, Black, Brass or Nickel plated steel, $10.00 per set of 4, USA shipping included.

Postage included for USA customers

Old Stock Original Oblong Feet

Brass or Nickel  TFT-02

These are original 1930s case feet (also known as bumpers) that we purchased as part of an inventory close-out.
New old stock, so these will be a little grimy but are in good condition for their age.  Look right at home on your trunk or case.
Feet for vintage and antique suitcases and boxes
These oblong/oval shaped feet are original equipment, used on smaller trunks and cases in the early to mid 1900s.
We have them in nickel-plated steel or brass-plated steel, sold in sets of 4 for $10 per set.  Each foot measures about 1.5" long by 3/8" wide,
mounts with a single nail (or you can use a rivet or split rivet).  Has prongs on the upper side to keep them seated against the case so they don't spin around.
TFT-02  Brass Plated or Nickel Plated - $10 per set of 4

Larger groups are available - to inquire about buying these by the 100 just send an e-mail.

1920s Original Old Stock Suitcase or Trunk Round Feet:  TFT-03

with split rivets for easy mounting!
Bottom feet for old suitcases and boxes
Round feet lift your case or trunk off the floor by about 1/2" and are available in three finishes:  nickel, brass, or black.
The nickel feet are largest, measuring 1-inch in diameter by 9/16" tall.  The split rivet post is 5/32" in diameter and extends beyond the base of the foot by 5/16".
The brass feet are in the middle, at 7/8" dia. and 7/16" tall.  The rivet post is 5/32" in dia. and extends 5/16" beyond the base of the foot.
The black steel feet are smallest, at 1/2" diameter by 5/16" tall.  The split rivet is 5/32" dia and extends beyond the base of the foot by 5/8".
All of these can be mounted by hammering them into place through wood, but they work best when installed by sticking the rivet through a hole in metal, then splitting open the
rivet inside the case or trunk to hold it in place.  We sell these in sets of 4 for $10 per set, and this includes postage to any USA location.
Made in the 1920s, original old stock that have never been used.  Old Stock Round Feet TFT-03
$10 per set of 4 for any of the three colors

Larger groups are available - to inquire about buying these by the 100 just send an e-mail.

Rubber Feet or Bumpers

Rubber bumper feet for small boxes
These came out of the same old trunk/case factory as the parts shown above - just plain old black rubber feet, 1/2" in diameter, with a nail sticking out of the flat side.
Just nail them in.  Small size is good for smaller boxes and cases, maybe doll trunks too.  Or nail one to your forehead if you've been drifting off to
sleep at work lately; the bumper will bounce your head back into an upright position at the exact moment your boss walks by your cubicle.  Not guaranteed.

Rubber Feet  12 for $10.00, free shipping to any USA location

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Trunk Corners with Feet

Trunk corners with feetMetal trunk hardware parts
Available in nickel-plated (these are the silver ones) (sold out of black),
these will run up about 1.75" on each of the three sides.  The nail holes are 1.5 inches from each corner.
Sold in sets of four.  Note that the nickel ones have a round foot; the black ones have a dimple,
but both work well as trunk feet.  They were actualy made this way to stack together (the round one sits inside the dimple one), but
we like using them as plain old corner feet.
CRNR-07  4 for $16 --- Nickel Only

Steel Trunk Rollers

steel wheels for antique trunksantique trunk hardware for sale
Hard to find exact replicas of the old trunk wheels, but these aren't too bad.  All steel wheels, meant to be
attached to either the top or bottom of the bottom slats or runners on your trunk.   Note that the wheel projects above the mounting plate by about 1/8"
and that means you'll need to mortise/chisel/remove wood from the slat if you really want this thing to roll freely. Wheel bracket is 1-13/16" long by 5/8" wide.
Wheel is 5/8" in diameter and 1/2" wide. Most of these have some rust on them, old stock, so hit it with steel wool, please.
Steel Corner Rollers  $12 each, USA postage included. Or get a set of 4 steel corner rollers, $44.00, USA postage included

Brass Corner Rollers
Solid Cast Brass
Metal wheels for antique trunksBrass trunk hardware, steamer trunk roller corners
This style of corner roller was used by hundreds of trunk makers across the US back in the late 1800s.  Theirs were usually steel; these are solid cast brass with a roller that's 1/2" wide.
The bracket runs up the side of the trunk by 2.5 inches, and 1-3/16" along the bottom.  Attaches with two nails or screws (screws are provided with each roller), though we recommend using nails on older trunks.
These can be painted - just rough up the surface a bit with steel wool so that your paint sticks. Brass Corner Rollers  $10 each, USA postage included
Set of 4 brass corner rollers, $36.00, USA postage included
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replacement antique trunk wheels

Trunk Wheels Can Really Damage Hardwood, Tile, and Laminate Flooring!
Protect Your Floors With Our Trunk Wheel Cups!
protect floors from antique trunk wheels
These little gems are your best friend in the fight against scratched floors. Let's face it -those little trunk wheels really tear up flooring of all types,
so get a set of these 'wheel cups' to keep things looking snappy around the estate. These are 2 x 2 inches square, and lift the trunk about 3/8" off the floor.
Durable cast resin will last a lifetime. Set of 4 Trunk Wheel Cups, $10.00, USA postage included.