Leather Steamer Trunk Handles

All Made in Maine

Leather handles for antique steamer trunks and suitcases
We also carry metal handles - scroll down the page, please. To see our SALE handles scroll all the way to the bottom, please!

Don't miss our new case handles!  TH-17, TH-18, and TH-19,
and now you can cut your own 1" wide handles to the length you need - just see TH-21 below!

Common Trunk Handles  TH-01
Replacement handles for steamer trunkssteamer trunk handles for sale
This is what we call common trunk handles - they are 8 and 3/4 inches long by 1 and 1/4 inch wide and just a hair over 1/8" thick.
Not intended for heavy duty.  The slots are 1 inch long, just right for end caps with or without pins.
We make these in three colors.  This is handle style TH-01, a common two-layer handle.
Need them without slots?  Scroll on down.  These are available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black.
$12.00 per pair.  Shipping is included for all USA locations.
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Single Layer LIGHT DUTY TH-01NS Handles
Discount trunk handles, steamer trunk handles
Some trunks don't need heavy duty stitched leather handles - you can get by with these single layer, light duty handles, cut from 4.5 oz harness leather (about 1/16" thick), no stitching at all.
We call these TH-01NS and make them in medium brown, dark brown, or black.  8 and 3/4 inches long by 1 and 1/4 inch wide.  Priced at $10 per pair, with USA postage included.

Antique trunk handle dimensions
different thicknesses of our trunk handles

This image shows the thicknesses of our common trunk handles

Three-Layer Common Handles  TH-03
Sturdy leather handles for old trunksThree layers of leather     TH-03
These are just like the common handles above, except they are made from three layers of leather.  A bit thicker, just right for heavier trunks.
Available in medium brown, dark brown, or black; same dimensions (8 3/4" by 1 1/4"), same slots.
These are handle style TH-03, we sell them for $14.00 per pair, which includes postage for all USA locations.
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travel trunk repair parts for sale with free USA shipping

Wide-End Handles Made of USA-Cowhide Leather

Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black


Wide end leather steamer trunk handlesWide end mushroom trunk handles for sale with free shipping
This is trunk handle style TH02, useful for wardrobe trunks, older steamer models, and any trunk using a handle bracket instead of an end cap.  Same high quality,
Made-in-Maine construction; these have stitched layers of sturdy cowhide leather.  These measure 9 and 7/8 inch long and the ends are 1-7/8 inches wide at the widest point; about 1/4" thick.
Available in Medium Brown, Black, or Dark Brown and believe us when we say the dark brown is dark - it's almost black.
See the picture below for additional dimensions.  The center portion of the strap is 1 and 1/8 inch wide at it's widest point.
These dimensions duplicate the original handles that used to be made by leather shops in Boston and the Big Apple.
TH-02 handles are priced at $17.00 per pair, which includes shipping costs in the USA.  We sell the loops (brackets) for these on our End Caps and Brackets page.

Sturdy leather steamer trunk handles
TH-02  $17.00 per pair


Our Biggest Sellers!
Black, Dark Brown, or Medium Brown Handles with No Slots
Available in Three Layers or Two Layers of Leather
black leather antique trunk handles for saleClose up of our trunk handle thickness
Same dimensions (8 3/4" by 1 1/4") as our common slotted handles above (TH-01 and TH-03).
These have no slots and are available in three colors, as shown.  Three layers stitched together, a little over 1/4" thick.  Cover the ends with our endcaps.
8.75 x 1.25 inches  $14 per pair, includes USA shipping.
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Don't Need Them So Thick?
Use our TH-04 2-Ply or TH-04NS handles:
Leather handles for stage coach trunks
TH-04 2-ply handles are $12 per pair, USA postage included

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How About Just a Single Layer of Leather?
Leather handles for stage coach trunks
Use our TH-04NS handles
TH-04NS (the NS stands for 'no stitching') single ply handles are $8 per pair, USA postage included
1/16" thick, cut from 5 oz strapping leather, but they still feel flimsy on heavier boxes. They sure look good though.
Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black


Curved Handles for Saratoga Trunks  TH-05

Saratoga trunk handles made of USA cattlehide leather
arrowhead handles for antique trunksLeather handles for a Saratoga trunkStitched leather trunk handles

In the early to mid-1800s when you wanted a trunk you went to see the saddler in your town.  This person would generally be able to make you a saddle,
just about any type of harness you could dream up, a hat box, or a trunk.  Somewhere in the Philadelphia area (we think) one of these shops started making this type of
curved handle to put on their trunks, and then some shops in other towns copied the pattern, and now, well, I guess we've copied them.
These are very sturdy handles, stitched from three layers of belting leather, and they're big.  11 and 3/8" long overall, from tip to tip. and 4" high.
About 5/16" thick.  Put three nails in each end - that's all there is to it.  Just nail them on nice and flat; the bow part will flex out so that you can slide your hand between the handle and the trunk.
Or nail it on upside down and tell your friends that the trunk is smiling at them (rimshot).  This is a Brettuns Village exclusive - can't get them anywhere else on the planet.
TH-05  Sold per pair
$25.00 per pair, USA shipping included

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full line of steamer trunk repair parts
These TH-05 handles replace the old originals that looked like this:
Mid-1800s Trunk Handles

Just Right for Saratogas and Jenny Linds: TH-06
Arrowhead handles for antique trunks

Wide end steamer trunk handlesAntique trunk hardware kits for sale
Style TH-06 is an arrowhead shape, exactly like the original handles on Jenny Lind and many Saratoga style trunks from the early to mid 1800s.  We don't know of
anyone else that offers these handles for sale, they're very difficult to stitch.  We figured it out though.  These are 10 and 1/4" long, from end to end, and about 2" wide at the arrowhead.
Made with three layers of thick leather, the handle is a full 1/4-inch thick.  These attach in a very simple manner - just hammer two or  three trunk nails through the narrow end into the trunk,
then attach a single loop about an inch to an inch and a half behind the arrow head.  The arrowhead end slides back and forth through the loop,
so that the handle can lay flat against the trunk until it's time to lift the trunk, then it slides into the correct position for your hand to get in there.  Miraculous.
These are $24 per pair, postage included for destinations in the USA.
Pair of TH-06 Handles - $24.00  Choose Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black.


Leather trunk and suitcase handles for sale
We also offer a package deal - two handles and two no-pin loops for $30, postage included (USA).
Please note that each handle only gets one loop or bracket - as shown in the photo above on the left.
Pair of TH-06 Handles and Two No-Pin Loops - $30.00

Longer Handles for Larger Trunks
Stitched leather trunk handles
Long leather trunk handlestrunk handles for sale in three colors
Handle style TH-07, also made right here in Maine by our shop, available in black or the same medium or dark brown color as many of our other handles,
and these are also stitched from three layers of harness leather.  These are 10.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide,
and about a quarter of an inch thick.  Slots are one inch long, set back from the end of the handle about 1.5 inches.
Useful for many wardrobe-style trunks or larger steamer trunks.
Price includes shipping for USA locations.
TH-07 $17 per pair, or, because these also work well on many wardrobe trunks, you
can also choose to buy one handle at a time ($9 each, USA shipping included)


Another Type of Longer Handle: TH-09
Trunk handles for sale
Cowhide leather handles for old trunks for saleReplacement handles for vintage and antique steamer trunks
This is handle style TH-09, made for large wardrobe trunks, large steamer trunks or tool boxes.  Has a sharper point on the end than our style TH-07 (above);
it's a bit more narrow at 1-1/8", and looks like many of the handles found on Hartmann, Belber, and many other trunks.  Sold singly or in pairs.
These are stitched from 3 layers of harness leather, available in dark brown, black, or medium brown, and measure 10 and 1/4" long by1 and 1/8" wide.
About 1/4" thick.  Distance between the slots is 6" (inside) to 7 and 3/4" (outside), so the pins on your handle brackets should be somewhere in that range for these to fit.
TH-09 Pair of handles $17, or get just one single handle for $10, USA shipping included
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leather trunk handles for sale

Need em quicker?  We can send handles by priority mail so that they reach you in 2 to 3 days.  Costs an extra $5 for each group of  up to 12 handles.
Thought we'd offer this just in case you find yourself in a trunk emergency, short for time, back to the wall, make-it-or-break-it, now or never, do or die, put up or shut up, sink or swim, fish or cut bait - you get the idea.
Can't imagine why you'd need trunk handles on an emergency basis, but never let it be said that we don't try to accomodate your needs here. 

Shorter Handles for Footlockers or Doll Trunks  TH-08

Footlocker handlesHandles for old Army footlockers and trunks
These are stitched from three layers of leather and have 1" long slots cut in them.  The handles are 1.25" wide and 7.5" long.
Available in medium brown and black.  These run about 5/16" thick, which is quite thick for most doll trunks - better suited for use on footlockers.
Handle style TH-08, sold by the pair for $12 which includes postage for all locations in the USA.
TH-08 Handles  $12 per pair

Tapered Leather Handles


Strap handles for antique trunksLeather strap handles for trunks
Our handle style TH-12 is a rectangle of stitched cowhide that measures 9.5 inches long by 1.5" wide (24 cm by almost 4 cm), and its tapered at each end, thickness-wise.
These are meant to be nailed directly to the trunk with no end cap or bracket at all.
About 5/16" thick in the middle, tapering to 1/8" thick at each end.  Stitched with white thread.  Available in Dark Brown or Medium Brown.
TH-12  Sold per pair
$15.00 per pair, USA shipping included

leather drawer pulls for sale

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Big Handles with Wide Ends  TH-13

Big leather handles for trunks, vuitton leather handles

Large handles for old steamer trunks for saleReplacement handles for wardrobe trunks for saleNew leather handles for Vuitton trunks
TH-13 Large wide-end handles are 11 and 7/8" long with a mushroom that's 2 and 1/4" wide at each end.  The neck of the handle, just before the mushroom, is 1-1/4" wide,
and the middle of the handle, at its widest point, is 1-3/4" wide.  Stitched from three layers of heavy harness leather.
Available in Dark Brown, Medium Brown, or Black, or choose our vegetable tanned variety that's just like the ones on Louis Vuitton trunks.
Sold per pair or individually (some wardrobe trunks use this style of handle, and only need one handle at the top of the trunk).
Handle Style TH-13  Our standard three colors are $25 per pair or $14 each; the lighter veg tan style is $45per pair or $25 each, USA shipping included


European Trunk Handles  TH-14

Replacement handles for Louis Vuitton trunks for sale

Vuitton replacement leather handles for saleLeather handle dimensionsleather louis vuitton handles for sale
TH-14 handles are 11 and 1/4" long with wide ends, similar to the handles used on may European trunks, such as Goyards, Vuittons, and many Swiss trunks.
Dimensions are as shown.  Stitched from three layers of heavy harness leather.  Available in Dark Brown,  Medium Brown, or Black.
Sold per pair, with USA postage included in the price.  Mount these using the brackets on your trunk, or you can use our no-pin
handle loops (LOOP2) or leather loops (LOOP10), shown over on the End Caps and Brackets page.
Handle Style TH-14:  Our standard three colors are $30 per pair; the lighter veg tan style is $45 per pair, USA shipping included


Some Folks Find This Photo to be Helpful
leather handles and brass brackets for trunk handles

6" Handles for Doll Trunks


Leather handles for doll trunksLeather handles for small trunks and boxes
These handles are 6" long and 1" wide, hand cut from 6/7 oz harness leather.  The leather is about 1/10" thick.
These can be nailed directly onto small trunks or doll trunks.
TH-11  Sold per pair.  Medium Brown or Dark Brown
$8.00 per pair, USA shipping included
hardware and parts for old travel trunks

Leather Strap Handles


Just Plain, or With Attached D-Rings
Replacement parts for old suitcasesLeather strap handle for cases

Our handle style TH-10 is die cut from a single layer of 6 oz harness leather, medium brown, dark brown, or black in color.
TH-10 is 1.25" wide thru the middle part of the handle (the strappy ends are only 11/16" wide) and it's about 9.5" long overall.
You can purchase just the plain strip of pre-cut leather, or, for a little more, we'll attach 1" brass plated steel d-rings to the handle for you using our steel (brass plated) rivets.
If you plan to buy just the leather strip, be sure the d-rings or loops on your case are no further than 7" apart.
TH-10 handle - plain strips of cut leather for $10 each, or with hardware attached for $12.00 each, in medium brown, dark brown, or black.

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trunk repair parts for sale

Simple Wide End Strap Handles  TH-15

Small strap handles made from leather

Leather handles for small boxes and casesSmall leather handle dimensions
TH-15 handles are made from a single layer of heavy harness leather.  Available in Dark Brown or Black.  About 1/8" thick.
Sold individually, with USA postage included in the price.
Mount these using small brackets or nail right through them directly to the case
Handle Style TH-15  $7 each

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Sewing Machine and Typewriter Case Handles   TH-16
Sold per handle, not by the pair

Small handles for typewriters and suitcases made from stitched leatherSmall leather case handlesLeather handles for old typewriters

These smaller handles are typical for use on old sewing machine cases, typewriter cases, some suitcases, and maybe even a lunch box or two.
Made by stitching too layers of harness leather together.  About 3/16" thick.
Sold individually, with USA postage included in the price.
Mount these using small brackets or nail right through them directly to the case
Handle Style TH-16  $12 each, shipping included for USA locations


Vintage case hardware
We sell pairs of brackets in bright brass over on our End Caps/Brackets page - look for the TH-16 Brackets or just click here.

Another Small Case Handle   TH-24
Sold per handle, not by the pair

strap handles in three colors for small casesLeather handles for old typewriters or instrument cases
Small leather case handles
Another style of wide end smaller handles, typical for use on old sewing machine cases, typewriter cases, some suitcases, and maybe even a lunch box or two.
Single layer of belting leather, about 9/64" thick (just over 1/8").
Sold individually, with USA postage included in the price.  Brown or black, your choice.
Mount these using small brackets or nail right through them directly to the case.  Our LOOP4 fits but is quite snug.
Handle Style TH-24  $6 each, shipping included for USA locations

steamer trunk repair information and parts



Suitcase handle dimensions Stitched leather handles for old trunks and casesReplacement leather handles for suitcases
These fit a lot of old suitcases, artist's boxes, musical instrument cases, and other cases that have 3/4" or 1" wide brackets on them.
TH-18 is 10" long, TH-17 is 9-1/8" long.  Both are stitched from three layers of harness leather and are very sturdy.  Choose medium brown or black.
Sold individually
TH-17  $14 each
TH-18  $15 each
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travel trunk repair how-to

For your TH-17 handles we sell pairs of brackets in bright brass or bright nickel over on our End Caps/Brackets page - look for the TH-17 Brackets or just click here.

For TH-18 we sell our LOOP1 brackets here.

Leather Handles for Purses, Handbags, Carrying Cases, and Long Stuff   TH-19

Leather purse handlesLong leather handles for bags and purses
Made in response to popular demand (two people), Brettuns Village now offers these Made-in-Maine leather purse and handbag handles.
Made with a single layer of USA cowhide, medium brown, folded in half and stitched lengthwise around a nylon core that prevents stretching
and gives a round shape to the leather.  Single solid brass rivet at each end to protect the ends of the stitching  - this makes a big difference in
how long a handle like this will last.  The leather is 1-5/16" wide before it gets folded/stitched, and the finished width is 9/16".
Overall length is 25-3/4", length of the stitched portion (rivet to rivet) is 20".  The flat tab at each end is 1-5/16" wide by about 2" long.
You'll need to have a plan for how you intend to attach these to your purse, bag, case, nephew, etc.  The intent was for them to be machine
stitched, but you can stitch them on by hand, or use a combination of glue, rivets, screw posts, etc.  Get creative.
TH-19 handles  $15 each, USA shipping included

Cut Your Own 1" Wide Handles!  TH-21

Leather handlesSeveral colors of leather strap handles available
Every now and again we get a request for trunk handles that are 1" wide.  One customer in NY needs handles that are 1" wide and 6-43/64" long; another
customer in Utah needs them 1" wide but 7-13/27ths long, and Charlie out in our work shop says he needs some that are 1" wide and reach from here to there.
Here's our answer - these stitched handles are comprised of two layers of harness leather, and each strap handle is 1" wide by 24" long.  Just cut them to
the length you need.  Well, as long as the length you need is 24" or less.  Available in medium brown, dark brown, or black.  Sold one strip at a time
The ends will likely be hidden under your trunk's end caps - just cut to length, nail them into position, and put the end caps back on.  Bingo.  These are about 3/16" thick
TH-21 strap handles  $17 each, USA shipping included.  These also make good heavy duty bag or purse handles. On the far right is our thinner version, TH21 Light Duty.
dark brown leather handles for steamer trunks

TH-21 is Now Available in a Thinner, Strappier Version, Dark Brown Only

lightweight leather purse straps for sale
Managment tip:  Check on your stitching team early and often.  If you delay, you may end up with a batch of TH-21 handles that are about half as thick as they ought to be.
So, nice batch of straps, but they're only about 1/8" thick.  Nice stitching. fabulous rustic dark reddish brown, but, again, they're thin.  Good straps for light duty.  Just under 1/8" thick, 1 inch wide, 24 inches long.
TH-21 Light Duty  $10 each, USA shipping included.

1" Wide Dark Brown Harness Leather Strips  TH-22

Cut your own straps, handles, lifters, etc

Leather strap handlesharness leather handles for steamer trunks
We cut strips of heavy harness cowhide latigo leather 1" wide and either 12 or 18 inches long, so that you can cut
your own smaller handles, lid lifters, straps, etc.  This leather is 6-8 oz harness latigo, or about 1/8" in thickness,
dark brown in color.  Choose 12 or 18 inches long
TH-22 strap handles
12" TH-22 $8 each, USA shipping included.
18" TH-22 $10 each, USA shipping included.
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we sell suitcase handles



Black or Brass-Plated Steel Tool Chest Handles

Road case hardwareHeavy duty metal handles for large boxesMetal handle dimensions
Black Enameled steel tool chest handles are sturdy and made for heavy lifting.
These handles attach with four nails or screws (not included) and swing upwards until they stick out about 90 degrees from the box.
They measure 3 and 3/8" wide by 1 and 3/4" tall.  Priced per pair, USA shipping included in the price.  The BLACK handles are brand new, not used.
The BRASS PLATED handles are OLD STOCK and are dirty, scratched, marred, aged, etc.  They're old and they look it - not like what the photos above show.
CH-97BLK or CH97 BRS
$20 per pair, USA postage included


Large reproduction handles for old boxesCast iron trunk and box handles for saleBlack metal case handles for sale
These are reproductions of chest and trunk handles from the early 1800s, made in what we believe was a very authentic manner.
The backplates measure 6 inches wide by 2.75 inches tall, and attaches to your box with 6 fasteners per handle (the blacksmith put screws in each package).
Heavy cast construction, the handles lay flat until you need them, then they rotate upwards 90 degrees so that they stick straight
out from the side of the box.  These are pretty similar to many old tool box handles we've run across, and also do a good job of replicating
handles from early hide-covered trunks like so many that were made in Boston.  Stock Number CH98  $40.00 per pair, USA shipping included

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Very small metal handles for doll trunks or interior drawers of larger trunks
small handles for doll trunks on sale
These very, very small handles are actually more like drawer pulls, and they're New Old Stock.
We think they were made in the 1940s, but they were never used and we acquired them when an old factory shut down.
Steel handles are plated in either nickel or brass, your choice.  The bar behind the handle/bale is 1-1/2" long,
and the bale itself is about 7/8" by 7/8".  Comes with small backer plate - just push the prongs thorugh your leather and
through the backer plate, then bend the prongs down flat and you, oh great purse fixer, are done.
TH-23, sold in packs of two handles with two backer plates, are $8 each, USA shipping included.

Nickle-Plated Steel Chest Handles- 2 Sizes, CH50S or CH50L

metal drawer pulls for wardrobe trunks
Nickel-plated steel handles are intended to be attached with four screws, or you can use small nuts and bolts if you'd like.
We sell these one at a time, choose large or small. Small, phillips-head screws are included. The smaller one is 3-7/8" long, the longer handle is 5-3/4" long
Large CH-50L handle is $8, smaller TH-50S is $6.50, USA postage included. These also make good drawer pulls for wardrobe trunks.



Single Layer Strap Handles- Large
Large leather strap handles for bags or casesleather strap handles for sale
Cut from a single layer of sturdy and thick harness latigo leather, our TH-25 is similar to strap handles found on some
shoulder bags, gun cases, and other cases.  Dimensions as shown, dark, reddish-brown color, about 1/8" thick (8 oz leather).
TH-25, sold individually, are $10 each, USA shipping included.

These are Irregulars - Read the Description Below, please!

$10 per pair! Two Pair Minimum!

We goofed. Made a bunch of trunk handles to move into inventory over at Brettuns Village Trunk Shop, and we believed the salesperson who told us that using
a manufactured leather board for the inner layers would be efficient and effective. It's neither. The leather board inner layers crack like you're cracking your knuckles. 
So, we have 2 styles of handles that don't meet our standards. Are they still OK to use? YES! Just not for us. Maybe you can use them?
Best for applications where they'll lay pretty flat, and at $10 per pair (2 pair minimum), and with FREE USA SHIPPING we think you'll figure out how to put them to use.  
All handles in this DOTW will be sold as-is, no returns. Need details on dimensions? Check our Trunk Handles page, please. Medium Brown color only. WE ONLY HAVE TH-14 LEFT IN STOCK!!

We can also ship free to AK, HI, GU, PR, Territories for this DOTW, thanks to the US Postal Service!

Small Case Handle in Black   TH-27
Sold per pair

strap handles in black for small cases

Available only in black, this is a ONE INCH WIDE style of slotted handle, typical for use on small boxes and cases.
Two layers of belting leather, about 3/16" thick. TH27 is 8 inches long overall, and the slots are 1 inch long by 1/4 inch wide
TH-27: Sold per pair for $12.00, with USA postage included in the price.  Black only.

Small Case Handle in Vegetable Tanned Cowhide, Tan   TH-26
Sold one at a time

strap handles in natural veg tan leather

Available only in tan, this is 3/4 INCH WIDE at each slotted end and 1-3/16 inch wide at its widest point, typical for use on small boxes and cases.
Three layers of vegtable tanned harness leather, about 1/4" thick As shown, it works well with our LOOP5 bracket sets.
Sold one at a time for $12.00, with USA postage included in the price.  Available in natural tan only.

Small Case Handles - No Slots - Easy Nail-On Handles in Vegetable Tanned Cowhide, Black or Tan TH-28
Sold one at a time

strap handles in natural veg tan leatherSmall leather handles for camera cases and binocular cases

Available in tan or black, TH-28 is ONE INCH WIDE and 8-1/8th inch wide with rounded ends, like you might see on a camera case, lunch box, or letter file box.
A single layer of 9 oz vegetable tanned harness leather, a hair over 1/8" thick. These may be nailed directly to the case.
Sold in pairs for $10 flat, with USA postage included in the price.

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