We sell a variety of replacement locks for vintage, antique, and modern trunks,
and we sell keys to fit many old and antique trunk locks


Large Trunk Locks
(our most popular trunk locks)

steamer trunk locks with keys for sale free USA shipping
Steamer trunk locks for saleLocks and keys for antique trunks
These locks measure  3 and 3/4" by 6 and 5/8" overall, when closed.  The top half measures 3 and 3/4" by 3 and 3/4".  Requires 7 nails to attach to your trunk.
You can use screws, but that would be a violation of Brettuns Village's "Uncontestable Law of Death Before Use of Screws", a new program we've started
(we come by your place and give you a good razzing for stooping to the use of screws).
These locks come with two keys.  This is the most common size and style of trunk lock known to mankind.
This type of lock was used on about 80% of all trunks ever made.
Large Locks - $12.00 each, USA shipping included  Part Number Lock-1

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antique trunk locks for sale
brass trunk locksLock for old trunk

The Thrifty Lock
discount trunk locks for salelocks for old trunks
Let's face it, not every trunk that you run across is a priceless antiquity.  Only so many of them were actually used by Broadway stars as they
journeyed throughout this great land.  A hand full of trunks at best was used by past Presidents, visiting royalty, famous writers, and the like.  Odds are
much better that the old trunk you found out by the street on trash day was there for a reason.  It's trash, Jack.  Why spend a bunch of money to put a new lock on the
darned thing?  Put one of these discount locks on there, complete with a plastic locking mechanism.  Dimensions are the same as our large locks, above, same hasp on the front for a padlock,
and each lock comes with two keys.  Shiny brass finish (this is the only finish available in these).  Save that extra dough for a pizza on Friday night.
Discount Trunk Locks  $10 each, USA shipping included  Part Number Lock-4

We also sell these discount locks in cases of 20 for $150, USA shipping included
Case of 20 Discount Locks 

Small Locks
Small locks for antique trunks
Antique trunk locks for saleFootlocker trunk locks for saleSteamer trunk locks for sale
Smaller trunk locks have a spring-loaded latch, so when the trunk isn't locked the top half stays up out of the way.  Has a hasp for a padlock, if you choose to use one.
Locks comes with two keys.  These smaller locks are available in bright brass, bright nickel, or antique brass finish.  Overall measurements of the whole unit are 4 and 7/8" by 3 and 3/4."
The top half (latch) measures 4 7/8" by 2 5/8", the bottom half (plate) measures 3 3/4" by 2 7/8". These locks are priced at $10.00, USA shipping included.  Part Number Lock-2
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Nickel (Shiny Silver Finish) Locks for Regular Trunks and Automobile Trunks
chrome trunk locks for saleReplacement locks for antique trunksSteamer trunk locks for sale
You may have seen locks like this on footlockers or automotive trunks before - that's typically where they show up.
Our Nickel Auto Trunk Locks come with one double-bit key, and require 7 nails or screws or bolts to attach to your trunk,
and those fasteners are not included.  Overall dimensions of this lock and receiver plate are 3-3/4" wide by 5-3/4" tall.
The receiver plate by itself has overall dimensions of 3-3/4" wide by 2-5/8" tall.  This lock mounts on the surface - no mortise/big hole required.
Nickel Auto Locks  $10 each, USA shipping included.  Part Number Lock-3

Receiver Plates ONLY for Many Older and Modern Trunk Locks
Lock plates for antique trunks
Overall dimensions of this receiver plate are 3-5/8" wide by 3-5/8" tall.
This lock mounts on the surface - no mortise/big hole required.
Has a loop on it that must fit through the slot on your lock, and then you can put a padlock on it too.
Brass Plated Receiver Plates $8 each, USA shipping included.  Part Number Lock-5

Original Locks with Keys
Original old stock trunk locks for sale
We've got quite a few old, original locks available for sale, complete sets with keys.
Prices range from $40 to $150, depending on the style and how rare or common it may be.
Click here to see our old, original trunk locks.


Genuine US Army Issue Locks, Made in the USA by Eagle Lock Co in 1943
New old stock - never used, in original boxes
Eagle Lock Co US Army trunk locks with keysGenuine US Army footlocker locks with keys, made in the 1940s
Yes, they're green just like most army stuff, but these can be painted any color you'd like to slap on them.  Heavy duty solid steel lock with steel tumblers.
Comes complete with the lock, backplate, rivets and burrs for setting (or use our brass or steel nails), and one or two keys.  Still packed in the original boxes from 1943.
An excellent, heavy duty lock.  Measurements overall for the complete unit when closed are 6 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide.
These locks are $45 each, which includes shipping to any USA location.
Army Lock  $45 each  Free USA shipping

How do I attach this thing to my trunk?  Position lock top and bottom at the locations on the trunk where you want them to end up, and mark the mounting holes.
Evaluate the total thickness you'll need to go through in order to mount the lock, and choose rivets from the package that will go all the way through and stick out on the inside of the
trunk by about 1/4".  Push the rivet through, then place a burr (washer) over the end of the rivet, and tap the burr down so that it's snug against the wood.
If you have a small, deep socket, 1/4" or 3/8" or so, from a socket wrench set, or some other small tube that's hollow, use it to smack the burr down the shank of the rivet.  Once the burr is in place,
snip off the tip of the rivet so that about 3/16" is sticking out past the burr, and then use a steel hammer to peen the rivet.  'Peen' means 'beat the daylights out of it so that it mushrooms
out and holds the burr in place.'  You'll find this easier to do if you hold a heavy piece of metal, like the head of an axe or sledge or an old flat iron, so that the head of the rivet stays snug
against the face of the lock while you're banging away on the end of the rivet.  The first rivet will be a challenge, the second will be easier.  By the third rivet you're an expert.

Miniature Trunk Padlocks

small padlockstiny padlocks small locks for jewelry boxes and humidors for sale
Tiny locks come with two keys each and are small enough to be used on doll trunks, suitcases, small boxes, etc.
Item code = ToyLock
$4 each, free shipping to all USA locations
or get 10 of them for $12.00, USA postage included
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Light Duty Padlock Hasp, Brass Plated Steel
Bass hasps for wine boxes, trunks, humidors, and smaller casesJewelry box or humidor locks hardware
Light duty hasps are brass plated steel (shiny gold in color) and are best suited to smaller boxes and cases.
Surface mount - no mortise required.  Attaches with a total of 7 screws (included).  Overall meassurements are 2-5/8" tall by a little under an inch wide.
The loop will accept a padlock with a diameter of up to 3/8 of an inch.
Small Padlock Hasp $5 each, USA shipping included

Old Looking Trunk Padlocks with Keys
treasure chest padlocks for saleold padlocks for sale trunk locks with keys
Some old boxes and trunks were kept locked up by using a padlock to run through a hasp or loop on the front of the trunk.
Maybe you've got an old trunk, but you need an old lock to put on it.  These ARE NOT old - these are modern reproductions
that just happen to look old.  Reasonably decent padlocks, brass flap over the keyhole for some reason, and each lock comes with two keys.
Rusty locks are about 2-5/8" long overall and weigh 6 ounces; Trunk Padlocks  $22 each, USA shipping included.
As of December 3, 2015 we have sold all of the black locks - only RUSTY left in stock.

Keyhole Covers
Brass cover for old trunk locks for sale
Many old trunk and chest locks had this brass piece swinging down to cover the keyhole.  Keep the dust out, maybe?
We have two sizes available, but in limited supply.  See the two styles in the center of the photo?
Small is on the left, large on the right.  Either way, these are $12 each, USA shipping included.  Part # Lock-6Sm or Lock-6Lg
The small one is 1-13/16" long over all, the large one is 2-1/4" long overall.
Has a 1/8" dia. round brass post on the back - tap that into the hole in your lock plate and then hammer it a few times on the back to mushroon out the post.
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Keyholes or Escutcheons for Toolboxes or Chests
brass keyholes for sale
Cast brass keyholes, which are also known as escutcheons, which is pronounced by sneezing in French, are a nice addition to the front of toolboxes,
chests, or other wooden items, including furniture drawers.  These are about 2 and 3/8" wide, mount with two nails, which are included.
Price includes USA shipping.
$5.00, free shipping to all USA locations

Another Style of Keyhole
Jewelry box or humidor locks hardware
Stamped steel keyholes, brass plated.  These are 1 inch in diameter, mount with two nails, which are included.  Price includes USA shipping.
Keyhole 2
$5.00, free shipping to all USA locations

Important!  Our minimum order size is $5 worth of stuff, so you'll have to purchase more than just this one item to qualify for our free USA shipping program.  Thanks!
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