OK, now you own a new lid stay to go with your old trunk.  How on earth does that thing go in/on there?

Here you go:

If you take a look at that lid stay you'll see that one of the pieces of metal is longer than the other.
The long one goes down - nail this end to the base of the trunk.
The shorter end attaches to the lid, and the 'knee' should bend toward the front of the trunk.

Here's how to figure out where to put it:

It goes on the inside right-hand side of the trunk.  Open the lid and stand it up until it's perpendicular to the floor (lid is straight up and down),
then lean it toward the front of the trunk by a few inches, so that it's slightly tilted toward the front.
That's the position you want the lid in once the stay is mounted.
With your free hand hold the open stay up against the inside of the trunk, and eyeball a good spot for it.
Best to avoid putting a nail through an old hole, so move it around until you can nail each end through good wood.
Each nail should be set back from the edge of the wood by about 1.5 to 2" or so - you don't want a nail too close to the edge of one of those boards or it may split eventually.

How to attach a trunk lid stay

How to attach the lid stay to your old trunk

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Installing a trunk lid bracket or lid stay - how to do it