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Brettuns Village
We sell many types of steamer trunk, suitcase, valise, luggage, and box parts,
and we also provide information about how to properly attach them to your project.
Choose from the types of parts below, or click here for 'how-to' info.
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If you'd prefer to print out a paper catalog that shows some (not all) of our trunk parts, please download this Adobe PDF file and print it out on your own printer. Cool!

Please remember that our minimum order size to receive free USA shipping is $5.00!

Trunk and Chest Handles
Antique Leather and Metal Steamer Trunk handles for sale
Made-in-Maine Leather handles for trunks,
metal handles for chests and toolboxes
24 styles available in 3 colors
Trunk Locks and Keys
Antique steamer trunk locks for sale
and info about finding keys
 to fit your trunk
List of Replacement Trunk Keys Available
Handle Brackets and End Caps
Antique steamer trunk handle brackets and end caps for sale
Many styles from 
which to choose
Lid Stays
Antique steamer trunk lid stays for sale
These hold up the lid while 
you're digging around in there
Trunk Straps and Tabs
Antique trunk straps and keeper tabs for sale
Leather straps to run around your trunk, 
and the leather keepers to hold them in place
Trunk Slat Clamps
Antique trunk slat clamps for sale, antique
Several styles of stamped steel clamps and tee pieces
to decorate the ends of your trunk's slats
Interior and Exterior Canvas
Canvas Fabric for Antique Steamer and Stage Coach Trunks
for the Inside and Outside of Your Trunk
Sold by the running yard
Trunk Nails
Nails for antique trunk repair
Several sizes of brass, copper, and steel 
nails for working on old trunks
Trunk and Suitcase
Feet and Rollers
Antique Steamer Trunk and suitcase bottom feet and rollers
For the bottom of the trunk
Lid Lifters
Antique Trunk Lid Lifters
For ease in lifting the lid of the trunk
Trunk Corners and Edge Brackets
Antique Steamer Trunk Corners and Bumpers
Heavy steel, brass, or nickel pieces to protect
the corners and edges of your trunk
Many are old stock from the 1920s!
Replacement Handles for
Old Suitcases
Replacement handles for vintage and antique travel trunks and suitcases
Several styles of easy-to-install suitcase handles
in black, brown, and tan
Other suitcase parts are here
(such as hinges, stays, locks, and snap hasps)
Trunk Hasps or Drawbolts
Replacement handles for vintage and antique travel trunks and suitcases
Different sizes of original 
and reproduction hasps
Trunk Hinges
Replacement hinges and other parts for steamer trunks and suitcases
Different sizes of hinges for
small, medium, & large trunks
Tools for Working on Trunks
Antique steamer trunk repair tools
Handy tools for trunk work, including vital safety 
equipment, wire brushes, tack pullers, etc.
 Decorative Brass Tacks
Decorative tacks for antique trunk repair and refinishing
Spruce things up with brass tacks
Old Stock Trays to Fit Your Trunk
Replacement trays for antique steamer trunks
Old Stock trays sold as-is
Hardwood Trunk Slats
Replacement wood slats for antique trunks for sale
Hardwood slats cut from Maine birch!
Trunk Maker's Tags
Travel Trunk maker's tags
Pretend some idiots in Maine made your trunk!
We won't tell if you don't.
Trunk Lithographs

Antique steamer trunk lithographs for sale
For the inside of your trunk

Pressed Metal, and
Brass or Aluminum
Metal Sheet
Replacement metal for antique trunk repairfancy metal for antique trunk repair and restoration
For the outside of your trunk
Sold by the running foot
Rosettes & Other Decorations

Antique and vintage trunk rosettes for sale

Fancy metal pieces to add a little life to your trunk

Dust Banding
Antique and vintage steamer trunk lid dust banding for sale
Runs around the bottom edge of the lid to 
keep dust out of the trunk
Brettuns Village Leather
Follow this link to our leather craft store
if you need pieces of leather 
or full hides to cover your trunk.
We stock crocodile embossed
cowhide that looks like the old gator metal!
CLEARANCE!  Check out
our Online Yard Sale
Trunk Edge and Corner Metal
Replacement metal for antique steamer trunk repair
For the edges of your trunk
Sold by the piece, 28" or 36" long
Travel Stickers
Travel stickers and labels for old trunks
For the outside of your trunk
Our Guarantee:  Our guarantee is simple:
If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason or no reason just ship it right back within 30 days for a refund or exchange.  That's it.

Returns and Exchanges:
At Brettuns Village, we guarantee your satisfaction.  If you're not happy with anything in your order,
please send it back within 30 days for a refund or an exchange.
You don't need to contact us first if you don't want to - just send it and include a note with your name, order date,
and payment method, and we'll issue a refund or send out replacement merchandise promptly.
The only catches are that we don't reimburse you for return shipping (unless we really blew it) and we'd
like to get things back in pretty much the same condition they were in when we sent them your way.
Please try not to beat the living daylights out of the stuff if you can help it.

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