The trunks shown here are stored in the barn for now, waiting for us to get a moment to work on them.  We just thought you'd get a boot out of seeing them.  If you have questions about any of them, fire em on in here.  A couple of these are for sale right now, in which case they are marked as such.

Dome topped pressed tin trunk in good condition
Standard Box Trunk
Take a good look-
You'll never see the canvas again.
Half Trunk - These are popular as
coffee tables.  They're a little short for it, in our opinion.
You need to saw the legs off your couch a bit
to make it fit right.
Monitor Trunk - They got their name from the 
rounded top with bent oak slats.  This one is a whopper.
Standard Box Trunk, Large.  Mom took the canvas off this one.  Thanks, Mom.
Two more standard box trunks, canvas covered.  The far one has canvas in very good condition, so we'll probably keep this one original.
P.U. Trunk.
A real stinker.  You can buy this one right now for $25, plus $80 for Airborne shipping.  It's too big for UPS.  Big, ugly, smelly.
There's another standard trunk inside this one, but I can't remember where I put the key.  I put it someplace smart, so I'd know right where it was, no doubt.  If you buy the big one you don't get the other one.
A rare one.
Leather-covered dome top.  Not much leather left, but this one will turn out to be a beauty.
First one of these we've seen.  Vandeman Stagecoach Strong Box, complete with six huge handles, bolt ready corners, and a latch bigger than the one at Fort Knox.  Made for hauling gold bars, the payroll, etc.  No bullet holes in it.  Nice oak slats.  Weighs about 140 pounds, I estimate, based on the funny noise that came out of my elbows when I lifted it.
Perfect coffee table size, but if you slam the lid the whole thing will end up down cellar.
This one is for sale right now

How to Buy a Trunk From This Site
See a trunk you like?  If you'd like to buy one, or ask questions about one, just send an e-mail stating, "I'd like to buy the so-and-so trunk".  I'll remove that trunk from our For Sale page and hold it for you until your payment arrives.  You can send a check, money order, or pay with plastic (call 207-782-7863 or mail your card number and expiration date).  Once the money clears, I'll ship your trunk to you by UPS (oversized trunks ship by Airborne, which means $econd Day Air), you check it over when you get it.  If you like it, great, we're all done.  If you don't like it, just send the darned thing right back for a refund.  The return shipping is your expense.  It's a simple method of conducting commerce over the web, but it has worked successfully for us for several years.  A note on personal checks - we don't mind them a bit.  We love them, as a matter of fact, as long as they're good.  Never had a problem accepting a good check.

We do accept Visa and Mastercard payments, so you can call to pay for your order.  Please don't e-mail your card number as we have no security on this site (yet).    (207)782-7863 is the number to call, so keep it by the computer!

Shipping and Costs

We're more than happy to ship a trunk to you.  We pack them in cardboard and ship via UPS, usually.  Shipping costs are not included in the trunk prices shown on the Brettun's Village web site.  Shipping costs are added to the cost of your selected trunk.  We do not charge for packing the trunk, and we do not mark up the shipping charge.  We ask only that you pay the actual shipping charge.  So if that sounds fair to you, why not place an order?  Send an e-mail to buy a trunk or ask any questions you have about the trunks shown.  No question is too nit picky.  We want to make sure you get just the trunk you want!

Want to figure out the shipping cost?  Take a visit to UPS and plug your zip code into the Quick Cost section.  For the zip code of origin use ours -  04210, and for the weight, use 50 pounds for a full size trunk, 35 for a medium, and 20 pounds for a little trunkster.  These are average weights.

Best Regards to all of our newsletter subscribers-
Churchill and Amanda Barton

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