Here at Brettun's Village we'd be honored to work on your trunk for you.  Well, maybe not honored, maybe more like covered in paint stripper but happy.  Well, maybe not happy, but something along the lines of choking on dust and rust but satisfied to know we're creating an heirloom for you and yours.  Well, maybe not exactly satisfied either, but we'll work our fingers to the bone for you, and give you an honest amount of trunk work at a fair price.  Then, when we get paid for all that work, we're happy as a clam in the Kennebec.  Well, once we figure out the hours we put in and calculate that we earned about 42 cents an hour we're feel more like a steamed clam.  This is a tough business, but we sacrifice our fingers, lungs, and sanity so that you can have a nicer spot to store your old linens and sweaters you can't fit into anymore anyway, just so we can undercharge you for the time and try to feel like we have some semblance of an honorable career happening here.

On a lighter note, we do our best to redo trunks to our customers' liking, and we don't charge an arm and a leg.  Why, just read the following actual customer testimonials:

BW of Spokane, WA writes:  "My trunk was a goner until I sent it to Brettun's Village Trunk Shop.  Thanks for the great work and nice way of doing business."

GS of Phoenix, AZ writes:  "Thanks for the great work and fair pricing.  We wanted to keep our family trunk, but we were worried it was too far deteriorated to save.  It looks wonderful now.  We'll recommend Brettun's Village to others!"

AC of Ft Lauderdale, FL writes:  "Trunks?  I thought you said trucks!!  I just shipped a 1940 Ford to you by accident!"

HH of Storm Lake, IA writes:  "Don't ever send me your trunk newsletter again.  It's too hokey, you hayseed!"

Anyway, here's our pricing structure for working on your trunk, and a general sequence of events:

You ship trunk to us by UPS or Airborne


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