Key Style 16 – Jewelry Box Keys


These are hollow-shank keys that are intended for decorative use only. They look nice and in some cases you may be able to file the business end of the key to get it to work your lock, but there are NO guarantees, and these keys are not returnable.

Key style 16 is a very small cast barrel key that fits things like jewelry box locks. Each of these keys is 1 and 1/16″ long and has a hollow barrel that’s about 1/16 of an inch, inside diameter. Key 16 has a ‘flag’ piece at the end that’s about 1/8″ long and it extends out from the shaft by about 3/32″
Sold in pairs for $10, and this includes shipping to any USA address. Available in bright nickel, bright brass only.  SOLD OUT of the antique brass color.
Key 4 shown for comparison only

Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable.


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