Small Keys for Necklaces


Lightweight brass keys have a ring at top so that you can string them on a necklace or just dangle them in the air. Style A is a little over 1-3/4″ long. Style B is about 1-3/8″ long. Style C is about 1-5/8″ long. Style D is about 1-1/2″ long. Style E is about 3″ long. Style F is about 1″ long and looks like a ring of old skeleton keys.

Second photo shows the backs of these keys. Take a close look – these keys are hollow on the back –
they’re not real keys – they’re just for decoration or jewelry use. Sold in pairs – two keys per pack, $10 per pack, USA shipping included.

Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable.

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