Brass Corner Guards or Edge Protectors with 4 Legs for Steamer Trunks


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Brass Corner Guards with 4 legs Legs (Sold OUT of 3-legs) for Steamer Trunks.  Decorative edges are cast brass, and that means solid brass. The plating won’t fall off in a few years and leave behind a mess of rust, because there is no plating on these.  Some makers in the late 1800s used these to protect the edges of their trunks, but over time this style of edge became more decorative than anything else. Nail them in place and then watch your shins, brother, because you don’t want to smash it into one of these brass edges in the middle of the night.
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CRNR-10-4 is our 4-legged decorative brass edge:  $10.00 each.  These are 5-1/16″ long and the legs reach out 1-1/4″