Brown or Black Trunk Corners in Sets of 4


Light Weight Brown or Black Trunk or Box Corners Sold in Sets of 4 with Free USA shipping CRNR-36.  About two inches tall, one inch wide on the two faces of this corner.  We have these available in brown or black – original factory paint.  We believe these were made in the 1940s based on the shipment paperwork, but they were never used.  New Old Stock is what we call this sort of thing.  You can expect a little rust and some chipped paint, but we think that helps them look right at home on your trunk.

This is CRNR36; 8 per set of 4 and USA shipping is included in that price. Does that mean you get free shipping?  We say no, it just means it’s built into the price.  Truly.




Don’t take our word for it: