Small Cast Brass Trunk Slat Clamp or Corner Guard


Small Cast Brass Slat Clamp or Corner Guard.  This is CRNR-26, made of solid cast brass just like the brass items posted above. This is a small one, meant to protect the edge/corner of your trunk.
This little clamp can on any edge anywhere on your trunk.  Very decorative, and very sturdy.
Squares you see in the pictures are 1 inch by 1 inch, to help you gauge the size of this clamp.
Basically it’s 1-1/8″ wide and 2-5/8″ along each side, with a 90 degree angle amidships. Again, this is pretty heavy, like the other brass items above.
Price includes shipping to any USA location  CRNR26 Small Cast Brass Slat Clamp:  $8.00 each