Sheet Brass 12 Inches Wide for Trunk Repair or Decoration


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Our brass sheet is sturdy enough to protect the edges of your trunk, but thin enough to be cut with scissors and bent around corners without too much effort. Scuff it with steel wool and then it can be painted if you’d like.  Our sheet brass is 30 gauge, or 0.010″ thick; and it’s 12 inches wide. Sold by the running foot ($15 per foot), and, like we’ve been doing since we first started this dynamic corporation, USA shipping is included in the price.
Example: A piece of sheet brass measuring 12″ wide by 36″ long is 3 running feet and costs $45, delivered to any USA address (yup, even AK, HI, and PR)

Please note: We cut this to the length that you select. Once we cut it, this item may not be returned for refund or exchange.