Zinc or Copper Square Shank Nails

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On some trunks, copper or zinc square-shank nails were used, and these may be just the thing you need to complete your accurate restoration or reproduction project. These nails are one inch long and have a head diameter of 9/32″ (just over a quarter of an inch). Top of the nail head is flat.  Made from solid copper or zinc, soft metals, so these don’t drive well through hardwoods. Clinch over easily inside your trunk.  Choose Zinc or Copper 1″ nails, sold in packs of 20, $8.00/pack, USA shipping included.   See, the way BV works is that orders of $5 or above receive free USA shipping.

These copper or zinc nails are often used in watercraft, like cedar strip canoes.  We don’t use these in our trunk shop as we’ve never found an old trunk that had original copper nails in it.  If you’re doing steamer trunk repair you’ll want to hop over to our Trunk Nails page.




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