HASP-3: Cast Brass Hasps For Smaller Trunks


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With a patent date of July 1872, Taylor Trunk Co came out with this style of hasps and sold them to many, many trunk makers across the USA. The originals were made of steel; these are solid cast brass and have a locking mechanism that locks/unlocks with the little tab that sticks out from the right side of the hasp. Sold as a set of two hasps, and they do not come with screws. Best to use nails on old trunks, but we’ll leave that critical decision up to you. You can paint these if you get that kind of urge. Try to let it pass. The top piece is 1-3/8″ tall (plus the little hook at the bottom sticks down another 3/8″). The bottom piece is 1-7/8″ wide by 1-3/4″ tall.
1872 Hasps $18 per pair (two tops, two bottoms) USA postage included. HASP3