Genuine US Army Issue Footlocker Locks with Key


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Made in the USA by Eagle Lock Co in 1943

Genuine US Army Issue Footlocker Locks with Keys.  Yes, they’re green just like most army stuff, but these can be painted any color you’d like to slap on them. Heavy-duty solid steel lock with steel tumblers. Comes complete with the lock, backplate, rivets and burrs for setting (or use our brass or steel nails), and one key. Still packed in the original boxes from 1943.  An excellent, heavy-duty lock. Measurements overall for the complete unit when closed are 6 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide.  These locks are $55 each, which includes shipping to any USA location.
Army Lock $55 each Free USA shipping

How do I attach this thing to my trunk?  Position lock top and bottom at the locations on the trunk where you want them to end up, and mark the mounting holes. Evaluate the total thickness you’ll need to go through in order to mount the lock, and choose rivets from the package that will go all the way through and stick out on the inside of the trunk by about 1/4″.  Push the rivet through, then place a burr (washer) over the end of the rivet, and tap the burr down so that it’s snug against the wood. If you have a small, deep socket, 1/4″ or 3/8″ or so, from a socket wrench set, or some other small tube that’s hollow, use it to smack the burr down the shank of the rivet.  Once the burr is in place, snip off the tip of the rivet so that about 3/16″ is sticking out past the burr, and then use a steel hammer to peen the rivet. ‘Peen’ means ‘beat the daylights out of it so that it mushrooms out and holds the burr in place.’  You’ll find this easier to do if you hold a heavy piece of metal, like the head of an axe or sledge or an old flat iron, so that the head of the rivet stays snug against the face of the lock while you’re banging away on the end of the rivet.  The first rivet will be a challenge, the second will be easier. By the third rivet you’re an expert.


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