Brass Escutcheon Pins


Brass or Nickel escutcheon pins are not just difficult to pronounce, they’re handy for attaching small parts to trunks or anything else made of wood. We sell these in packs of 20, two different sizes in brass plated steel, one size only in nickel-plated steel, for $3.00 per pack.  The only good news is that this includes shipping to any USA location – but please don’t forget about our $5 minimum order size to get free shipping, please). These pins are 1/2″ or 3/4″ long, with a 1/8″ diameter head.  The 3/4″ escutcheon pins are 16 gauge.  The 1/2″ pins are 14 gauge (more sturdy than the others). Packs of 20 for $3.00, delivered to any USA location (as long as you meet our $5 min purchase requirement).  Please choose size and color/finish from the drop-down menu.


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