Brettuns Village Discount Leather Craft Supplies


First and foremost, let's get one thing straight here:  THANKS!  We appreciate your interest in our Wholesale/Bulk Purchase program. 
Our program is quite simple and is based on your purchase amount, in total, for an order of merchandise from any/all of our websites (BrettunsVillage.Com or AntiqueKeys.Net). 
It's a simple program:  if you spend enough, you're in.  The program described here is our only wholesale or bulk purchase program, and the only way you or your business can enter
into it is by placing an order meets the criteria listed below (in other words, even if you have your own leather shop or trunk repair business you must meet the minimum purchase level
specified below in order to get pricing that's different from our regular website prices).  This program applies to all items on our websites, even the Clearance items.

Brettuns Village's Wholesale/Bulk Purchase Program:

For orders from $2,000 up to $5,000:  5% discount
For orders that exceed $5,000:  10% discount

Wholesale leather hides, wholesale case and box hardware
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Leather hides for sale
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