About Us


About Us

Brettuns Village is a treasure trove for leather enthusiasts and antique trunk aficionados, nestled in the heart of Lewiston, Maine. We’re a humble, no-frills establishment operating from the Bob’s Peanuts & Candy Co. building, where every corner is filled with character and charm.

Our offerings span across a wide range of leather crafting products including full cowhides, cowhide leather sides, double shoulders, quarter hides, small hides, scraps/leftover leathers, tools, adornments, and hardware. For those who wish to restore or own a piece of history, we provide antique trunks, vintage suitcases, and a wide array of the necessary hardware, parts, and repair tools.

We’re not just a store; we’re a community of crafters and restorers. Our Customer Creations are a testament to the creative spirit of our patrons, showcasing their remarkable handcrafted leather goods and restored antiques. We also offer a wealth of knowledge through our blog and regularly updated newsletter, empowering our customers with the skills they need to bring their visions to life:

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At Brettuns Village, we’re about more than just commerce. We’re about stories — the stories embedded in the grain of our leather, the stories captured in our antique trunks, and the stories our customers tell through their creations. Welcome to Brettuns Village — we can’t wait to be part of your crafting journey.

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