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Premium Leather

Discover a world of crafting creativity with Brettuns Village's finest selection of leather hides, scraps, tools, and accessories. Available in a wide range of forms and colors, our premium supplies are designed to help you bring your unique visions to life.

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Antique Trunks

Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant colors of Brettuns Village's Trunk collections. With our wide array of vintage trunks and suitcases, you can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that each piece offers. Each trunk holds a unique story waiting for you to discover.

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Antique Trunk Keys

Discover the secrets of your trunks with our coded keys tailored to your needs. Browse through our diverse range of keys and find the perfect match for unlocking your trunk's potential.

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Leather & Trunk Tools & Hardware

Dive into our extensive selection of leather & trunk tools, hardware, and parts tailored to your creative needs. Enhance your projects with our premium hardware and parts and take your creativity to new heights today.

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Restored Antique Trunks

Each trunk tells a unique story with craftsmanship and design that reflects artistry from years ago. At Brettuns Village, our collection is a testament to the enduring appeal of vintage craftsmanship and the stories they carry.

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Leather Cowhide Sides

With a wide array of premium leather sides, the Brettuns Village collection is meticulously selected to suit your needs. Each side embodies the unique charm of genuine leather – offering endless possibilities for customization. Elevate your artistic journey and bring your vision to life as you discover the perfect premium cowhide side piece today.

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Featured Products

Your Leather Craft Supply Shop, Based in Maine

Discover the world of leather craftsmanship and vintage allure with Brettuns Village. Find a wide range of leather hides, scraps, tools, accessories, antique trunks, vintage trunks, and suitcases for your creative pursuits.

Don’t forget to elevate your projects with our top-quality leather accessories, keys, and hardware that complement your unique artistry. Experience the past and present together at Brettuns Village, where your creativity knows no bounds. 

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