April 14, 2010


April 14, 2010

It’s nice to see some green color out in the dooryard again; the grass is coming along, doing its part to chase winter away.  Still, the radio station weather guy said to expect snow tomorrow, so I guess we’re not ready to switch to sandals and shorts quite yet. Spring in Maine is known for highly variable weather, even with all this global warming going on, so things are still a bit nippy around here.  Another month should have us in the clear, and the grass will need to be mowed even before then most likely. I’m always glad to get back on the tractor at this time of year, as it means that I’ll soon have blackflies zipping right up my nostrils and directly into my brain, but if you take your hands off the steering wheel to swat at the bugs the tractor takes that Correolis-induced hairpin to the right, landing you right in the compost pile.  There goes the tractor, heading for the next farm over.  Darn it.

Last week our Deal of the Week here at Brettuns Village Leather was our most popular edition since we started the Deal game.  I thought it’d be a good one, but even I didn’t expect to see so many of you lining up to buy brand new 2010 Ford hybrid vehicles for only $100 each as part of their initial test marketing campaign. I thought Ford was crazy to try it, but the cars are well made and it’s tough to argue with a brand new car for a hundred bucks flat.  When they threw in free delivery to your driveway and the first year of gas for free I almost fell off my hay bale.  If you missed it don’t worry ‘ I’m sure we’ll engage in another such Deal of the Week sometime in 2040. Pretty sure.  Don’t hold me to it.  Have you been checking the Deal of the Week every Wednesday?  You’d have looked good in a new car.  Just my opinion.

Once the new cars had sold out, and thanks to all 2,500 of you who took advantage of that Deal, a lot of you turned to our next best Deal of the Week, which was 3 of our Putty Calf hides for $40 flat, with the usual free shipping to any address in the 48 contigupullingyourlegamus United States.  That calf hide pile is growing shorter by the hour around here.  I think we’ll leave them on the Deal list until we sell them out; meanwhile, we updated the Deal of the Week today to include our Gator-Embossed sheep hides (3 hides for $40, 48-state shipping included). Our past Deals of the Week have been left on the site until they sell out ‘  so our list now includes:

3 Gator Embossed Sheep Hides:  $40 3 Putty Calf Hides:  $45 Thundercloud Full Cowhides  $100 flat 4 Basket Weave Suede Hides:  $50 10 Lined Pigskins for $50 flat and that’s a lot of leather per dollar right there 50 Woven Leather Panels for $25 Yellow Lizard Print Cowhide Sides  $35 each 100 pairs of Crystal Tassels for $20 flat 10 Pounds of Sheep Shearling Scrap Pieces for $25 1000 Fabric Flower Decorations for $25 flat and that’s enough flowers to start your own country and name it Holland Part Deux

Once again ‘ all of these prices include shipping within the 48 states and for those of you in AK and HI we’ll do our best to use flat rate boxes and will give you free shipping too on as much of this stuff as we can.  Do you get the idea that we could use some room in the warehouse?  You’d better believe it.

Looking for a rather firm leather in a dark reddish brown color, 6 oz?  We’ve sure got it.  Check out our Cognac sides on the Sides & Hides page.  We love this leather, and I think you will too. Great leather, from USA cows, and it’s tanned and finished right here in the USA too.  You can see it right about here:

We’ve also added quite a few new hides to the Clearance page.  Some bright colors, some dark leathers, some full hides, some partial sides ‘ a little bit of everything.  That page, last time I ran across it, was sitting here:

The Clearance page is a lot of fun lately ‘ we’ve got pillows on there, and snake skins, and shoe lasts (little plastic feet that you build your slippers around), and groups of suitcase handles, piles of shoelaces, bags of snap hooks, and some other stuff that I can’t remember.  Might be worth a look if you need something.

So, don’t put the snow shovel away and for the love of Mike don’t push those peas into the garden quite yet; snow’s coming back tomorrow, give or take, and even though it might not stick it’ll still feel cold all day and the driving will be challenging.  This is Maine, after all.  Good thing those new Fords are front-wheel drive.

Thanks- Churchill Barton Lead Sales Tech, Imaginary Automobile Division Brettuns Village Lewiston, Maine