Leather Crafters Deal of the Week!


Leather Crafters Deal of the Week!

New Shipment!  Arrived yesterday, we’ve got lots of heavy thickness veg tan bellies here in the building – time to move them out.  These are about 7 to 8 feet long and quite variable in width, from a couple of inches up to 15 inches.  Thickness ranges from 8 to 10 ounces/square foot which is a little over an eighth of an inch.  Natural veg tan color.  Our regular pricing on these is 3 bellies for $85, but now we’re selling them in sets of 3 for $75 and, as one might expect, 48-state USA shipping is included.  Need more?  How about 10 for $230, same free shipping deal in the 48 contiguous USA?

These Deals are still available:

Years ago we purchased the remaining inventory at an old mill where a company made women’s bedroom slippers for several decades.  Casper Shoe was their name.  When they vanished they left behind all kinds of stuff, including these decorations.  We have 120 varieties of smallish decorations, mostly all metal, most with prongs on the back for easy attaching,  What we’re doing this week is selling bags of ten of  these decorations, randomly selected, at these rates:

10 bags of ten decorations each = $20

25 bags of ten decorations each = $40

50 bags of ten decorations each = $70

Let’s see, there was something else…oh, got it:  Free shipping to those of you in the 48 contiguous United States, and we’ll extend this to all states/territories/places that get your mail delivered by USPS.  Time to bling up your projects!

Left over from 3 weeks ago, but still available:

We’ve put together a pile of thread, just for our Deal of the Week shoppers.  Here’s what’s included:

45 25-yard spools of a combination of waxed cotton and polyester thread in 9 variations.  Regular pricing on these 45 spools would be pretty close to $100, but here on the DOTW it’s $45, with free USA shipping.


Choose our tapered end waxed poly hand stitching thread in four colors, black, white, tan, and dark brown, 48″ or longer each, in bundles of 240 (or more).  Regular pricing on this group would be $64, but now it’s $40 flat, free USA shipping.

NEXT!  Chromium tanned goat skins were never dyed so you get to choose the color, mix up some dye and water in a bucket, and make a mess in the tub.

On the trunk side of the barn just mention in an e-mail that you read this Deal of the Week and, just for that, we’ll refund $50 back to your payment method off the combined price of any TWO trunks that are currently for sale on the website.  Easy!  Just e-mail us after the purchase: trunks@brettunsvillage.com.  Wait!  There’s more!  Trunk folks:  Need big foot locker drawbolts (hasps) for your project?  HASP5 is on the site, old stock large footlocker closures that were made in the 1940s but never used; a great warehouse find for us!  Rusty, dusty, but look right at home on old trunks or modern reproductions.  Regular pricing is $20 for two of these hasps, but on the DOTW we’re cutting that back to $16 for a pair, or get 5 pairs for $65, all with free USA shipping!


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