Leather Crafters Deal of the Week


Here’s your new Deal of the Week for Wednesday, April 17, 2024 through Wednesday, April 24, 2024

First off we’ve got our own, made in Maine Copper Rivet Setting Tool, and we add to that a pack of ten copper rivets and burrs, one inch length, so you can start peening as soon as you get the package in your mailbox.

Next, a set of ten leather checkbook cover panels, ready for you to stitch (or heck, staple them) together. These are black with a lizard skin texture.

Our regular pricing for these items look like so:

Copper Rivet Tool plus ten rivets Regular pricing = $38.00; marked down to $32

10 Checkbook covers – Regular pricing = $25, marked down to $12

USA shipping included.

On the trunk side of the barn just mention in an e-mail that you read this Deal of the Week and, just for that, we’ll knock 15% off the price of any trunk or suitcase that’s currently for sale on the website.  Easy!  Just e-mail us after the purchase: trunks@brettunsvillage.com.




Don’t take our word for it: