Dark Navy Blue Finished Splits


DARK Navy Finished Splits Have Regular Temper and run 3-3.5 oz.  This is not a soft leather, but it sure is VERY DARK navy blue.  Chromium tanned, skived to 3-3.5 oz/sq ft, and with a nice, very fine haircell texture on the surface.  These are typical bends (a ‘bend’ is a portion of the steer hide, running from about amidships back to the tail, generally about 2-2.5 ft by 3.5-4 ft, so these tend to run about 10 or 11 square feet of total surface area.  Nice shade of navy that’s dark but you can still tell it’s navy.  Looks like it should be made into check book covers or wallets.  Regular pricing is one bend for $35, or 3 bends for $100, or 6 bends for $185, and each of these options include shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States. How dark is this version of navy blue?  Standard answer here at BV is:  “Darker than the inside of a moose at midnight in Millinocket.”


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