12×12 Inch Leather Squares


OK, so maybe you don’t need to buy a full hide for your project.  Can you get all the parts/pieces of leather you need out of a square foot?
We’ve got you covered, Bubba.  One square foot of leather, and you can choose which leather you buy from the drop-down menu.  These are all mid-weight leathers, in the 3-5 ounce range, or 1.2-2.0mm.  We have (left to right in the photo): Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, White, Tan, Red, Burgundy, and, let us not forget good old Purple Suede.  Yikes. 
Take your pick – $12 for one piece that measures 12 x 12 inches, USA shipping included.  If you see some other leather on our site and want to buy just a square foot of it, e-mail us and we’ll be glad to help.  Leather@brettunsvillage.com


Don’t take our word for it: