Milled Tan Sides are soft


Milled Tan Sides are soft and feel thick and are over 20 square feet each.  This is a 4 ounce leather, which is the same as 1/16″ or 1.6 mm, and feels thick and soft.  Nice off-white color reminds us of oatmeal (gross!) or wheat.  Milled Tan Sides, over 20 square feet priced at $85 each, with USA shipping included.  If you’re not in the 48 contiguous United States but still get your mail through USPS your sides will be folded to fit in USPS flat rate boxes.  You were always cool with that.  Thanks-

We’ve found some smaller sides, in the 17-18 sq ft range.  Save some $$:  $75 each, USA shipping included.


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