Updated May 31, 2023

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#5 Brass Zippers sold by the Yard up to 150 yards continuous $2 per yard with free USA shipping

#5 Brass Zippers sold by the Yard

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We’ve got lots and lots of this stuff: #5 Brass Zippers sold by the Yard up to 150 yards per bundle.  It’s now $150 per bundle ($1 per yard!) marked down from $2 per yard.  Don’t forget that these zippers are included in our free USA shipping program.

These are brass zippers, very well made, in dark brown. The zipper teeth are brass, so only the fabric has the dark brown color.  The packaging has a lot of stuff printed out on it, including “5RGUTH 9/16” and “CHAIN A-GR01” which may mean something to some of you and note please that we have not yet used the term ‘zipper head’ in this sales effort.  Not yet.

IMPORTANT:   We DO NOT have the crimps for the bottom that keep the slider from falling off, nor do we have the actual sliders (this is apparently the name of that thing you grab whilst zipping/unzipping), so you’ll need to find those elsewhere.  150 yards of dark brown brass zipper for $150 flat, with free 48-state USA shipping.