Updated June 29, 2022


BV DEAL OF THE WEEK: We've got SIX Leather Craft Items on Sale - you get to choose!

BV DEAL OF THE WEEK: We've got SIX Leather Craft Items on Sale - you get to choose!

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Deal of the Week for June 29, 2022 through July 6, 2022: 

Take your pick of recent BV DEALS OF THE WEEK and don’t forget that we have free USA shipping!

10 Pounds of Mixed Garment Scrap Leather – colorful stuff and every piece is as big as your hand or larger: $30

100 Strap Buckles – 10 each of 10 styles – ON SALE for $30 flat with FREE USA SHIPPING!

1 Half Hide of Bone Color Leather With Alligator Pattern Embossing: $50 each

2 Holey Sheep and we don’t mean they’ve got religion – these have got lots of holes in them – 2 for $10 flat

2 Navy Blue Suede Bends:  $50

5 POUNDS of thread: 2 Spools White 4 cord T300, 1 Spool Fox Tan 4 Cord T270, 2 Spools Yellow 3 Cord T210:  $30

Additional info on the 100 small belt buckles: You’ll receive ten of each style, total of 100

BKL401 and BKL401GM are for 5/8″ or 20mm straps – please note that earlier photos showed a gunmetal finish in style 401,  but this is now ANTIQUE BRASS finish.  We did our job and sold all of the gunmetal buckles.

BKL403 is for 5/8″ or 18mm straps

BKL404 is for 5/8″ or 18mm straps

BKL406 is for 1/2″ or 12mm straps

BKL407 is for 3/4″ or 18mm straps

BKL408 (brass or nickel) is for 5/8″ or 17mm straps

BKL409 is for 3/8″ or 10mm straps

100 buckles, shipped to any USA address for $30 flat.  These will ship via USPS in a small flat rate box – arrives quickly, most of the time.  Don’t want the entire flotilla of options?  We can handle that for you; just e-mail us to let us know how many of which style we should ship to you.  Got you covered.