Brown 4 Ounce USA Bison Leather Scrap


This is genuine USA bison leather scrap, left over from making fancy Bison Shoes and fancy Bison Belts and fancy Bison Hats – you get the picture, right?  For scrap this stuff includes some pretty large pieces, so it should work for small accessories or your new Fall line of Tatonka Earrings (marketing tip: no matter how tempting it may be, do NOT name your new jewelry line ‘Buffalo Chips’ –  got it?).  This leather is 4 to 4.25 oz in thickness, or 1.6 to 1.7 mm, regular temper, and has a nice surface texture.  5 pounds for $40, 10 pounds for $75, and both prices include 48-state USA shipping.  If you’re in AK, HI, or any of the Territories and/or are served by the US Postal Service we can ship the FIVE pound box to you free, but NOT the ten pound box.  Sorry to holler.  Been one of those days.  Now here’s something we want you to know: at the factory where this leather was being cut/used the quality control experts marked defects like bug bites or fence marks with a white grease pencil.  Takes some rubbing to get rid of it; mineral spirits helps.

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