Leather Pieces for Cutco and Vector Marketing


This is our listing that features scrap leather pieces that end up in the hands of industrious sales people all across this great land as they spread forth to bring excellent quality kitchen knives and select other items to your kitchen and ours.  Signing up to try selling knives?  This is where we sell leather pieces that you can use in your sales demonstrations to show, well, by golly, would you look at that?  These things really cut through leather easily!  Pieces are generally about 1/16″ thick and sized so that you can cut each piece a few times before you figure that piece has sold its last knife set.

We sell this leather like so:

5 Pounds $25 (half a cubic foot)

10 Pounds $35  (fits in a box that’s one cubic foot, 12x12x12 inches)

25 Pounds $75 (about two cubic feet of leather)

50 Pounds $125  (this takes a big box)

100 Pounds $225  (TWO big boxes)

48-state USA shipping is INCLUDED in these prices; there’s nothing else to add.


Don’t take our word for it: