Standard Cowhide Chrome Tanned Leather Scrap


Leather scrap pieces sold by the pound with free USA shipping!  Our standard cowhide leather scrap is all chromium-tanned leather that’s left over from manufacturing shoes, belts, and handbags. Pieces range from small strings to odd shapes about the size of your hand; a few that are a bit bigger. Good for small projects, straps, key fobs, that sort of thing – or put some of it in an onion bag and stick it under your car seat to get that new car smell back again.

Mix of colors, thicknesses, and shapes – random selection. Sold in 10 pound boxes for $50 flat, and this includes shipping to any location in the 48 contiguous United States. 5 pounds is $35.00, or get 50 pounds for $200.00.


Don’t take our word for it: