Book Binding Wire, Craft Wire, Jewelry Making Wire


Excellent book binding wire is flat – about 1/32″ wide by 1/64″ thick, and very soft, pliable, bendable, twistable, and flexible.
That about covers it. Nickel (silver) finish over a steel core (magnets stick to it) on five or ten-pound spools that contain about a bazillion inches of wire. How much wire?
Five pounds or ten pounds. How long is that? You’ll have to unroll it and measure it.
Handy for making things stay together, like books, come to think of it, or for wrapping around flowers, dream catchers, etc.
Five-pound spools will last a long, long time.  Price includes USA shipping and we’re including AK and HI in this.
Book Binder wire
$25 per 5-pound spool
$35 per 10-pound spool
Free USA shipping

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