Scratch Awls or Hand Sewing Punches


A good scratch awl is handy for pushing holes into your leather (so that you can hand stitch more easily), but it’s also useful for making starter holes for wood screws, chipping ice blocks off the front steps, or aerating the lawn. These are medium quality awls that will help you make many holes over time. The bottom one, the biggest, is 7 inches overall.  The other one, with the whitish handle, is 5 inches long.  We sold out of the one with the dark brown handle.  The big one is $10, the other one is $8 each, USA shipping included.  In the trunk shop here at BV we use these to start nail holes when attaching new parts to an old trunk.  Poke a hole with the awl, push the nail in, and it wants to stay put until you can smack it with your hammer.  In Maine it’s a ‘hammmaaaaaaaaah.’


Don’t take our word for it: