Heavy Duty Plated Split Rivets – 4 Styles!


Good for use as feet on bags or boxes, or for joining things together

Very nice quality split rivets have flat heads with a slight bevel around the rim, as you can see in the photos.  Three post length sizes available – but all have the same shank diameter of 4mm or 11/64 of an inch.  Legs on each are about 5/16″ long, and the head diameter is 7/16″.
RVT-130 and RVT-131 have a total shank length of 1/2″.  RVT-132 is 5/8″ long, and RVT-133 is 3/4″ long overall.  The 1/2″ ones, as you probably figured out, are available in either bright brass (RVT-130) or antique brass (RVT-131).  All of these are priced the same, $10 per 50 pack, USA shipping included.

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