Copper Rivets and Burrs, Size #9


Copper Rivets and Burrs for Leather – Made in the USA!

Copper rivets and burrs are available in two post lengths:  1/2″ or 1″.  The burr is that washer thing that goes on the back (post) of the rivet.  Set these with a tool that you tap with a mallet to push the burr/washer down into place, and then mash the end of the rivet over.  

Our #9 copper rivets have a head diameter of 15/32″ (just under a half inch) and a shank diameter of 5/32″ (just over 1/8″) RVT125  #9 Copper Rivets All prices include USA shipping.

$50.00 per pound   10 packs are $10.00 each.  All prices include USA shipping
1/2″ = about 145 per lb    1″ = about 100 per lb

If you need a copper rivet setting tool just add it to your cart also ($28).



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