Wooden Sweater Toggle Buttons


We all know how to use these things, but none of us know what they’re called. We came up with ‘toggles’ even though they don’t toggle anything. Available in black or  dark brown only, as we have sold out of natural plain wood.  They’re made from wood and have two holes, 6mm in diameter each, that run through them. For your leather cord that closes your drawstring thingamabob, right? 2-1/4″ long, 9/16″ in diameter dead center. Time to crochet that huge fishermen’s sweater, apparently.  We also sell short leather laces if you need them to attach these toggles to your project or just to make the loop on the other side that these toggles slip through. See the Laces page for those, please.

We have thousands of these available, so if you need a big honkin pile of ’em just e-mail us.  Alert Customer Steve Hurd uses these as handles on cool wooden boxes!

Wooden Sweater Toggle Buttons in Black or Brown – Free USA Shipping!


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