Flat Steel Lid Stays for Old Trunks


Flat steel lid stays look just like many late 1800s/early 1900s lid stays, and are available in TWO sizes. Made of plain steel, riveted and punched to duplicate an original style of lid stay. Let’s start with the LARGE ones: These are the big fellas – about 11 inches long overall and just about 10 inches between the nail holes. This is the one to use if the lid of your trunk is quite heavy, or for any large size trunk. Requires two nails to attach to your trunk.  One lid stay per trunk; don’t try to put one on each side.  One per trunk.

The smaller variety is about 7 inches long overall, and about 6 inches between the nail holes. use this one for regular sized trunks.

Small Flat Steel Lid Stay – Item Number Stay8 – $10.00 each, USA shipping included

Large Flat Steel Lid Stay – Item Number Stay2 – $12.00 each, USA shipping included




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