Brass Trunk Tags


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A lot of trunks don’t have a maker’s name on them anywhere. Slap one of these on there and solve the mystery.
Who made this trunk? Brettuns Village made it, that’s who. These brass tags are brand spanking new, printed for use in our workshop. Made of brass, dark red enamel front, with our name etched into the surface. Measures about 1 inch tall by about 3 inches long, and they attach to your trunk with two nails (not included) So, now you can say we made your trunk and if one of your pals calls us to check up on it we’ll ho-hum and haw and never give them a real answer. They’ll think we’re more numb than a stump and they won’t be too far from the truth.
Trunk tags $5 each, postage included for USA addresses

Please note: We’ve had a few customers order these and then they send an e-mail to let us know what they’d like to have engraved on their brass tag. Flat landers, mostly. The tags are already printed exactly as you see them in the photo. They can only say that one thing, like a cheap parrot. Custom printing is NOT available. Check your local printing/copy center store – they can probably handle that for you.


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